Sankofa Living Learning Community

Build your UNC Asheville community by joining SANKOFA, a Living Learning Community that connects your campus living experience to your cultural identity and to your classes.

“Sankofa,” a word in the Akan language of Ghana, translates roughly to “go back and get it.” The phrase reminds us of the importance of reflecting on our past to find the power and strength to create a brighter future. This idea will guide you during your experience as a member of the SANKOFA Living Learning Community (LLC).

First-year students of color are invited to participate in this unique LLC, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage, explore, and foster diversity, equity and inclusion in your new UNC Asheville home. You’ll live on the same hall as other SANKOFA members, take an Africana Studies course on “Thinking from the Margins” together, and participate in special activities such as social justice coffee hours and cultural events like the Goombay Festival in downtown Asheville. And that’s just the beginning.

Students who plan on joining the SANKOFA LLC are also encouraged to participate in our SANKOFA Ready program, where you’ll:

  • Explore the culture and communities of historic Black Asheville
  • Develop deeper connections with our Affrilachian region (that’s African American + Appalachian)
  • Take part in a service-learning project, meet campus affinity group leaders, and get ready for all that your first year at UNC Asheville has in store

Sign up for the SANKOFA LLC

Students can sign up for the SANKOFA LLC when completing their housing application in OnePort.