Trainings & Workshops

The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers a variety of interactive trainings and workshops to aid in realizing the core value of Diversity & Inclusion at UNC Asheville. These trainings are designed for and open to students, student organizations, faculty, and staff. Our trainings and workshops empower participants to unpack their identities and positionalities in society, unlearn and disrupt stereotypes and biases, and challenge inequity on campus and in their broader community. All student, staff and faculty groups can request a personalized session to educate their members, establish a shared understanding of DEI topics, and build an equitable community. In addition to our named trainings, we also provide the option for groups to request a custom workshop that fits their specific needs. Sessions can range from 1-3 hours and are all rooted in the foundations of social justice, intercultural competence, cultural humility, and restorative practices.


If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your group, please contact Dr. Carlton R. Smith (